Friday, May 8, 2009

Stupidity of mankind?

I originally started to ask are American's stupid for these reasons, I am American BTW:
- the government manipulates us because a mass majority believe anything the Media say with not a drop of background information
-We love Reality TV and our "original" shows tend to actually just be slightly altered recycled crap, hell even the "reality" shows
-We seem to have no power in our government because the government does not fear us
-We seem to be unaware that in theory things that are supposedly "unamerican" actually could work (in theory) like communism and free health care, but that's IN THEORY(the humanity of humanity is the fundamental flaw really)

But then I realized America isn't really any different from any other country. I mean when you break us down we're fundamentally no different then Africans, French, German, or any other country. We are all human and we all seem to mimic each others culture at some point or another. I mean religious wars that are ultimately driven by human greed. This underlying belief that EVERY SINGLE THING must involve one's religion or non-religion, the fact that money which ultimately means NOTHING controls all things in this world, and the fact that for no reason we are arrogant and believe our grand culture no matter what it is, is the best. I mean the more I look at mankind the more appalled I am I mean all the little crap we kill each other over or believe(Whether science or religion), the things we place value in and or inability to separate our personal feelings from what it takes to work in a calm working WORLD. I just wonder are we stupid? I think we are but I'd like some thoughts.

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