Friday, June 26, 2009

The King of Pop is Dead: RIP Michael Jackson

MY Comment on Yahoo music:
"We honestly do not know what did or did not happen between Michael and the two boys, so we can not call him a pedophile or not. As far as it goes you have to keep in mind Debbie Rowe is the mother of TWO of the kids meaning she has the rights to TWO of them not all three. So keep in mind 1) we have no impact whatsoever or we shouldn't have impact 2) Blanket would be separated from the other two. And please don't respond to my comment saying that you"know" he did it cause you don't. To be honest I feel bad for Michael Jackson and his siblings, he never had a childhood and really at times he seemed like the lonliest man in the world. Oh and whoever compares him with OJ....why did you do that? I'm not trying to be mean but was it because it was a celebrity case or was it because he was African American(not so much black anymore, sorry couldn't help it

By the way:
Farah was a great actress later in life, she was on Charlie's Angels for a year and as much as I love Charlie's angels she was not a good actress in her youth. She was a blonde who could play dumb with ease and was to be frank rather attractive. Do not think I don't like her, I do, but I'm a realist. PLUS she's an AMERICAN star, no one cares about her much outside of the US.

Also Ed mcman or whatever, I applaud his service to his country as much as I with my political views can, but we don't know what skeletons are in his closet. He is also an American celebrity

Michael Jackson is an INTERNATIONAL celebrity and everybody knows who he is. No one knows what someone is like by only hearing about them through reports and interviews, only those who knew him know what he was like as a person. Still we all know of him, and he was a very talented muscian who did as much as he could to give back or show support for various causes such as participating in writing "We Are The World"(if I remember correctly). Apparently he was an excellent father to his kids according to all sources, which can be believed. when you have a father like Joe Jackson you either end up being a horrible or wonderful father. Though we don't know how he was with his kids. So in the end you are left to wonder whats the point in bringing up the negative because in the end he will be left as an international superstar.

Watch BBC America or something similar, it's not so wrapped up in only the US"

That said, honestly people what really happened is between himself, the boys, and whatever cosmic force exists. He could have been set up for money, It could have been true, It could have happen one time but not the other, or it could not have happened. We don't know so in the end: We should just leave it alone.

The thing that gets me is that people keep saying his kids aren't his based on the fact that they don't look black. I know mixed race children that look white, it seems like people who make those statements need to see "old slave negro" to believe its there. The question is why? If they aren't his kids it would have come out by now, and they would be in the custody of the mother of Paris and Prince Michael- Debbie Rowe, and for "Blanket" Prince Michael II- Katheryn Jackson.

Ya know, he did touch a lot of people with his music and he was REALLY REALLY messed up in the head due to his traumatizing childhood. He was an icon who was loved more so than hated by more people than any other star to date. He had true talent as a dancer, singer, and song writer and all modern artists should aspire to his talent because most modern ones are in the negatives as compared to his talent level.

In closing I would like to say, rest in peace Michael Jackson you gave us something to talk about and if not for the mass amount of enablers, a bad father, the stress of being famous, and many mental issues he would still be alive and a better person.