Tuesday, May 26, 2009

Comments on Sims 3

Q: Will the Sims 3 run on my computer?

A: Honestly I can barely run sims 2 :(
More over screw the minimum requirements I met the requirements of Sims2 that doesn't mean it will run well...honestly the sims games take so much f*cking power to run it's damn near vile. Your computer has to be like the freaking computer messiah to run.

I will never own the sims 3 because my computer is crap and I am rather down trodden right now. I'll be honest I don't care about the sims 3 because of one of the supposed "pros, seamless neighbor hoods. Seamless Neighborhoods mean you are not just playing one house but the entire neighborhood is active and you'll see your sims neighbors business. This idea is both great and horrible; Great for the advancement of the sims games, horrible for those like me who like absolute control and get distracted very easily. It's not like seamless neighborhoods are evil, but they can prove annoying to those ,who like me, like to play God.

I like the variation the game offers with the sims but the sims are not that attractive to me. I personally dislike the style of the sims as compared to every other game. Still the ability to alter height, personality, etc. makes the game very appealing to those who like diffrent kinds of sims and such. The old system of sims 2 and the original sims was a tad bit frustrating to me after a while merely because it's an irriatating system. From the trailers the system seems to have been improved.

Then there is the previously mentioned fact that sims 2 for the less fortunate and tech savy was a massive game that barely ran. It can take hours to load with an expansion and I dare not even think how bad the sims 3 will be. Of coarse some lucky duck will read this and go "Oh hoho you poor poor woman can't play sims 2 or 3, BUT I CAN PLAY BOTH HAHAHAHAHA", but dear reasder honestly when has the minimum ever been enough in anything whether gaming or life. The minimum is never just good enough and hey I met the minimum of sims 2 but it still will lag horribly. Still Time will tell if all these possible and likely problems will be worth it.

We'll just have to wait and see.

Friday, May 8, 2009

Stupidity of mankind?

I originally started to ask are American's stupid for these reasons, I am American BTW:
- the government manipulates us because a mass majority believe anything the Media say with not a drop of background information
-We love Reality TV and our "original" shows tend to actually just be slightly altered recycled crap, hell even the "reality" shows
-We seem to have no power in our government because the government does not fear us
-We seem to be unaware that in theory things that are supposedly "unamerican" actually could work (in theory) like communism and free health care, but that's IN THEORY(the humanity of humanity is the fundamental flaw really)

But then I realized America isn't really any different from any other country. I mean when you break us down we're fundamentally no different then Africans, French, German, or any other country. We are all human and we all seem to mimic each others culture at some point or another. I mean religious wars that are ultimately driven by human greed. This underlying belief that EVERY SINGLE THING must involve one's religion or non-religion, the fact that money which ultimately means NOTHING controls all things in this world, and the fact that for no reason we are arrogant and believe our grand culture no matter what it is, is the best. I mean the more I look at mankind the more appalled I am I mean all the little crap we kill each other over or believe(Whether science or religion), the things we place value in and or inability to separate our personal feelings from what it takes to work in a calm working WORLD. I just wonder are we stupid? I think we are but I'd like some thoughts.