Monday, November 18, 2013

Hello All,

I'm gearing up for the Doctor Who 50th, the arrival of my collectible 20th anniversery Sailor Moon broaches, and Thanksgiving here on the homefront.

Today We're gonna talk about what we'd like to see from Sailor Moon's new anime along with Dragon Age: Inquisition ! Warning....spoilers sweetie <3 p="">

Eternal Moon Power! MAKE UP! (not actual phrase)

So Sailor Moon is my favorite childhood memory. The anime (english dub) enamored me enough as a little girl to read the manga for years later. My collection is actually still in storage.(*crosses fingers* that they're still in good condition). Sailor Moon is near perfect in a lot of ways to me but as seen with Pretty Guardian Sailor Moon Naoko Takeuchi is willing to let her works be altered and expanded in a variety of ways. The beautiful thing about Sailor Moon is at a core it's a timeless story about friendship, sacrifice, and love. It can be done a thousand different ways but she'll always be Sailor Moon, which is actually how the manga series kind of ends...

1) Crystal Tokyo.
Ok, this is one of the biggest unexplained mysteries of Sailor Moon. Where/How did Crystal Tokyo come to exist? There is a possibility that it was the result of the Sailor Scouts rebirth at the end of Stars, but even that leaves tons of unanswered questions. I would love it if a mini-series covered what happened after Stars and how Neo-Queen Serinity lost the ability to transform in Eternal Sailor Moon

2)  Sailor Quartet's Capture

 Just out of curiosity where did they come from and why were they in stasis in the amazon? It's kind of sad because they seem to only exist to serve Chibi-usa/Rini. Do they have a back story? They seemed incredibly loyal and mature even when compared to the Sailor Senshi

3) What does Sailor Chaos look like?
In the manga we discover Chaos influenced every villain in the series. Millions of years later Sailor Moon's ultimate incarnation Sailor Cosmos has witnessed the death of her closest friends. Sailor Chaos appears as an abstract blur in the shape of a woman in a sailor fuku with flowing hair and no features. I love to see a rendition or multiple interpretations of chaos...maybe each senshi sees her differently. Chaos is the overall organizer of everything and I've seen some pretty amazing fanart of the creature over the years, but I'd like to know Naoko Takeuchi's own take.

Well On to Dragon Age: Inquisition!
I'm honestly looking forward to the game. I won't lie though I'm maintaining cautious optimism. Dragon Age II as I've said is hella problematic,but the story points and direction I think were good. My current fear from seeing the 30 minute footage may be that the game art looks kind for some of the characters because they look oddly sculpted. Cassandra's face looks awful and Varric is so far removed from himself it is painful. Also I worry it may borrow too heavily from Skyrim...but I digress. Let's be hopeful and look on below!

1) Morrigan's Son
Art by Aimo.

In my core game my warden Darlteness aka Darla Surana pushed Alistair to complete the ritual with Morrigan, creating a terrible situation for everyone. Morrigan felt like she was betraying her only friend and spiritual sister, Alistair felt guilt-ridden and horribly dirty, while Darla felt like she'd crossed a horrific line in convincing him to. No one really won emotionally though they won the war. At least in my head-canon BAM! So I'd really like to see some fall out from that long term.

2) Dog
So I haven't seen a mabari hound yet. I suppose I shouldn't because the game is far beyond Ferelden, but damned if I didn't love naming my dogs and watching those pretty boys maul big bads. I would settle for seeing the Warden and her dog encounter Morrigan, and Morrigan honestly petting the dog because...well she missed the Warden and even dog. Fun fact Darla's dog is named Joxer and yes he does have a theme.

3) Sten, particularly when you have a mage warden

I haven't read the DA comics, but I've sure wiki'd the living hell out of them! I truly want Bioware to elaborate on why Sten continued to work with the Warden if she was a mage? I get adding on to a world's lore, but that's a glaring problem I want addressed. Do they consider Warden's different, did Sten merely hold his tongue in the Tower? As I said my mage warden Darla ended up building up a lot of respect with him, and she became his kadan...It would be interesting if he revealed he lied about his exploits because she was a mage, but they truly need to address this.


In the novels "The Stolen Throne" and "The Calling" we see a young King Maric dealing with the Orlesians and Grey Wardens, while balancing a very precarious love life. Loghain convinces his best friend to marry Rowan despite Loghain being in love with her after Maric was forced to kill his lover. In the latter book Maric meets and has an affair with Fiona an elven warden mage who only leaves him because she is dedicated to being a Warden. Fiona bares King Maric an elf-blooded son, and brings him to Maric because she wants him to avoid the persecution she endured all her life. This could very well mean King Alistair is the first elf-blooded king of Ferelden, and my Cousland Warden, Celice, will have "shamed the family honor" by marrying him despite being Queen. I really would love to see Fiona meet Alistair and the warden. (art by aimo her stuff is truly wicked)

5) Are more magister's besides Corypheus still alive

Corypheus(Cory from here on out folks) was found in the Legacy DLC, as a magister imprisoned by the wardens and half mad. IS he the only one, and where did he go? The DLC was good, but it left so many questions.

For that matter....

6) Magisters corrupting the Golden City
I really want to hear the details of exactly what happened, and how the magisters did what they did. More so I would love to know WHY the Old Gods told them to go there. It's such a biblical and greco style like story seeing it play out would be a real treat. Or even hearing about it from Cory or another magister would be impressive

7) Are there others like Fenris?

Fenris is special because of his tattoos and I wonder if he's one of a kind or if others have tried to recreate his abilities. If he's the only survivor the question becomes why. Fenris is a complex character and his past is particularly interesting

8) I would really also like it if we saw more ambiguous characters..
Basically the opposite of this.
It seems like every Tevinter is a cackling villain or nationalists are bigoted. Every blood mage except you and your companions become corrupted...and it's kind of narrow. To really build a complex worlds the absolutes from DA:II have to go.

DA II Quest Corrections Pack
Ok, this is very far fetched but hear me out first. Bioware fraked up. DA:II suffered from enormous plot holes, but more than that the big struggle was massively embalanced. I don't want them to correct things per say. I would like if they released a quest pack (reminiscent of the BG II mod quest pack David Gaider and other writers helped with). The quest pack would include a series of episodic quests detailing the years between game Acts in order to show both good and bad mages. Right now almost every mage in the game is a user of blood or questionable magic, Meredith is strictly a raving lunatic unless you go templar, and we never see the Mage Underground. The games big plot points are great, but the game as it stands does not support them. I think if they followed the path of The Walking Dead episodic games they could not only gain an extra $20-30 bucks, but also get back an audience they lost with DA:II

Thats all this week folks stay tuned I may just do a part two