Sunday, March 8, 2009

Hello Big Blue world

Hi, welcome to my blog of sincere opinions, idea, and hopefully fun. ^_^
So here let's get to know me shall we? Cause ya know...I have no clue who the heck I did I get here GO AWAY. :P

My blog will be filled with everything from Movie Reviews, Game reviews, to politcal rants, and stories. I hope you tag along long enough to get to know me. ^_^

You may call me Winter, I'm a young woman, I'm black, I'm a nerd, I enjoy cooking and I love to write.

My obsessions include Morrissey and I'm going to his concert in DC Saturday. I love the man to DEATH. I also love Sci-fi and Fantasy. Stuff like Battle Star Galactica, dungeons and dragons, Baldur's gate ETC. I love.

FYI I'm rather liberal, somewhat of a democrat, and love politics. I do not trust organized religion, I do not have anything against any religion, but I find that every organization is a reflection of man- corrupt.
Do not mistake me for a pessimist however, or cold hearted. If you ask my truthful opinion I will give it bluntly. I believe honor and truth come before all things and if your a truly good liar you deserve what you get. I can shut down my emotions to see the pure rational situation and I hide my emotions for the sake of dignity.

On the bright side I'm incredibly random, funny, and kind when given a chance. I hope you enjoy this

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